No nuclear power for Iran

The only objective of holding negotiations with Iran should be to reach a deal, which ensures that the regime does not become a nuclear power. Any deal, which leaves Iran with the technology and capability to work on its nuclear programme, would prove to be extremely damaging in the future for the Iranian regime will eventually attempt to make a nuclear bomb. P5+1 countries (US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany) would have achieved nothing more than a temporary lull if they go ahead with the proposed nuclear deal.

US President Barrack Obama had promised that Iran would not be allowed to make a nuclear weapon, but the deal that currently sits on the table will not ensure that the promise is kept. President Obama may be making a grave error by failing to recognise the serious nature of the threat posed by the Iranian regime. The proposed deal would allow Iran to become a nuclear power and develop a nuclear threshold rapidly. The deal also fails to address the issue of intercontinental ballistic missiles. If Iran were left with the ability to develop them, it would compromise the security of Europe and US and have disastrous implications for the Middle East. It seems that negotiators have also not taken into account the need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear triggers, which only become relevant when the aim is to create weapons of mass destruction. The proposed deal does not clearly convey a very important message to Iran: it will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

If Iran becomes a nuclear power, it would wield unprecedented power to influence developments. It is important to understand the character of the regime that rules Iran. Already, the regime has adapted an aggressive, interventionist foreign policy that is a serious cause of trouble across Middle East and the wider world. Through deploying its own forces in Iraq and Syria and employing militant proxies to do its bidding in different countries, the regime has made its ambitions known. It has also demonstrated its eagerness to transgress against laws and morality in order to achieve unintelligently defined objectives that directly undermine global efforts towards peace. No good can come from empowering such an entity with nuclear power.

The mullahs that rule Iran cannot be regarded as rational actors. They are driven by an absolutist, violent ideology.

If international affairs were put aside, the consequences for the Iranian people cannot be ignored. Emboldened and empowered, the regime will continue to repress the populace as it acts in opposition to their aspirations of peace and progress. 

As long as the regime feels that it has a shot at developing a nuclear weapon, it will not halt the repression of the Iranian people. Therefore, it is important to take that incentive away from it once and for all and work towards the only lasting solution available: regime change.