Swiss Imposes Asset Freeze on 11 Iranian Entities


Stop Fundamentalism – Eight Iranian companies and three individuals were sanctioned by the Swiss authorities Tuesday, reports the Swiss News Agency, SDA.   Financial assets and other belongings of these entities will be blocked in accordance with the new measure. Swiss companies and individuals are forbidden to have any financial dealings with these individuals.

The new measure was announced by the Swiss’s Ministry of Economy Tuesday and went into effect immediately.

The measure is an expansion of an already existing list of entities that are included in the blacklist of Switzerland’s Ministry of Economy, reports SDA.  A total of 367 companies and organizations along with 116 individuals are included in this blacklist.

Iran has been the target of expanding international sanctions due to its refusal to halt its nuclear development program which many agree it has a military nature.

A P5+1 meeting with Iranian officials during the weekend in Istanbul has received nods from all sides for being constructive.  But Iran’s call to stop the sanctions before the next meeting which is said to be held in Baghdad in May has been rejected by Europeans and the United States.

The Swiss did not name the companies or individuals sanctioned by the measure.