UN Nuclear Delegation Leaves Iran Empty Handed

Stop Fundamentalism – United Nations team of five members left Iran today complaining about the lack of results from two times talks with this country’s officials.

“The United Nations atomic energy watchdog has voiced disappointment at the lack of progress made during a two-day visit to Iran aimed at clarifying possible military dimensions to the country’s nuclear program,” said the nuclear agency of the United Nations, IAEA in a statement today.

The team of UN exports visited Iran yesterday and today as well as three days last month.  While both parties considered the meeting constructive when the IAEA left Iran last time, it was later revealed that Iran had not allowed the UN agency to visit a top secret nuclear military site called Parchin near Tehran.

Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General, expressed his disappointment saying that the agency had entered the discussions in a positive “constructive spirit”,  but at the end “no agreement was reached.”

The UN team expected to resolve all outstanding issue regarding Iran’s nuclear program this week.

Iran has recently announced that it has implemented a new type of centrifuges that will triple its ability to produce highly enriched uranium.  The advancement, many experts believe, brings Iran closer to the ability to produce a nuclear bomb.

The United States and the European Union have imposed crippling sanctions on Iranian oil imports and on the dealings of the Central Bank of Iran.  The sanctions are expected to put pressure on the Iranian regime to come clean about its clandestine nuclear program.

Iran threatened in January that it will close the Strait of Hormuz, the water way that 40 percent of world’s oil travels through in Persian Gulf, but later backed down from the claim.