Car Maker To Encourage Electric Car Usage

SF News – The idea of being able to use an electric car in replacement of current fossil fuel ones in many ways is attractive.  One most important of all could be that, mankind can once again breathe fresh air.  And with all the troubles in the Middle East and gasoline price hikes, the idea of using electric cars is beginning to sound quite attractive to car buyers nowadays.  But when it gets to filling up the gas tank (sorry charging the battery), not everyone wants to deal with the problems coming with an electric car. 

There are two main obstacles in the way of using electricity rather than gas to make your car go.  First is that it take much longer for a battery to be charged (at least for now) than a gas tank to be filed. Second would be the availability of battery charge stations (rather than gas stations).

It seems now car makers are stepping in to solve this problem or at least take a step forward in that direction.

The Japanese car maker Nissan has announced in Europe that it will start a campaign to help setup European network of “Fast Charging Stations” to facilitate for its customers of electric cars.

To do this, Nissan is awarding 400 station owners in strategic locations throughout Europe the equipment for fast charging of batteries for electric cars.

The new charging points will add to the already existing network and will bring more reasons for car owners to switch to electric cars.

Nissan says the new fast chargers have the ability to charge a Nissan LEAF from 0 to 80% in half an hour. 

Nissan hopes by speeding up the time that takes for the battery to be charged and also expanding the network of distributors of power for cars, it will be able to attracted more customers for its electric vehicles such as Nissan LEAF.

The car battery cores are made of Lithium-ion which can be quickly charged.  A full battery could take its passengers 175 kilometers before it needs to be charged again.  That should be sufficient for most everyday car users.  The expansion of network can help cover greater distances.

Nissan says its target goal is to reach a network of thousands of fast charging stations in Europe before the end of 2012 and by 2015 the number should be tens of thousands.

And by the way one more reason to switch to an electric car, recharging your battery will be much cheaper than filling up your gas tank in your old fossil fuel car.