Iran Caught in another Photoshop Blunder with Qaher F-313

Photoshop Image of Qaher - F313 Fighter Jet
Photoshop Image of Qaher - F313 Fighter Jet

Photoshop Image of Qaher - F313 Fighter Jet

SF News – Iranians seem to be Photoshop savvies, but they surely need some training before they can fake more technology advancements.

Immediately after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad showcased a so-called Qaher F-313 fighter jet, claiming it to match United State’s F-35 capacities, rumors started around Iranian blogger spheres making jokes that the plane is simply a show model and cannot really fly.

Avionics experts say that what was on display, seemed to be built out of plastic and lacked obvious necessities of a fighter jet.  Particularly, the cockpit seemed too small for a pilot, the experts say.

Soon after, to prove that the plane actually works, Iranians released a photo of the plane flying over Damavand Mountain claiming the photo was taken during a test flight.

Again, Iranian bloggers quickly came up with the two pictures that were put together using Photoshop, to purport that the plane was flying.  The picture of the plane on the ground with all the light reflections on it is completely similar to the one bloggers say was Photoshop fixed.  Also the picture of the mountain turned out to be a stock photo available publicly of Damavand Mountain.

Iranians have been making a lot of claims about scientific advancements lately, including flying a live monkey above the atmosphere and returning him back safely; a story that also fell apart and was ridiculed when Iranian bloggers once again revealed that the picture of the monkey that left the planet Earth, did not match the one that later returned.

Observers say that these ridiculous claims and Photoshop fabrications are not really directed toward the international media and community as such armature Photoshop works are always easily detected.  But the claims are, in fact, aimed at the local and surrounding unaware and mainly uneducated population and supporters who may feel a short-term boost while Iranian regime is being cornered and isolated by the international community due to its suspicious nuclear program.