Iran Working to Start Domestic IPTV

SF News – Iranian Communication ministry says it is determined to start a television channel broadcast over the internet based on IPTV technology within the next 4 years.  The service is expected to attract some 7 million domestic subscribers, says the Iranian Communication body.

IPTV is the technology that uses an internet broadband network and the Internet Protocol known as the TCP/IP as means to broadcast television programming.  The technology is already known in the west and is widely used specially with Video on Demand services.

Iranian television viewers are increasingly turning away from Iran’s state-sponsored programs to those originating from foreign countries.  Satellite television has had a great success in Iran and the theocratic rulers in that country are having a hard time collecting satellite dishes on top of buildings.  Watching satellite TV in Iran is forbidden and owning a satellite dish is punishable by law.

In most countries due to expansion of broadband services, receiving IPTV programming can be a reality but Iranian communication authorities don’t mention how they are going to mange distribution of such programs with the poor quality of Iranian communication network.

It is expected that Iran’s state-run broadcasting serving known as Seda-va-Sima to be responsible for the content production.