Iranian Cargo Boat Carrying Oil Industry equipment sinks in Persian Gulf

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian cargo boat carrying Oil drilling equipment sinks in the Persian Gulf claiming at least 7 lives. Six others are reportedly trapped inside the boat under the water, 70 meters below the surface.

The incident took place yesterday and rescue efforts still continue as Iranian media reports indicate. There were 73 people on board the cargo boat from whom 60 have been rescued already and 7 have been confirmed dead. Rescue efforts to save the six trapped crew members continue at the moment.

Iranian reports say that the sinking has been due to technical issues but some sources more specifically described overloading to be the main cause of sinking. The boat sank just 15 miles away from its destination.

The cargo boat belonged to an Iranian shipping company named Darya Koosh.

Iranian news agencies question the chances for saving the lives of those trapped inside the boat under the sea as lack of rescue equipment and bad weather conditions in the Persian Gulf region make this kind of rescue mission merely impossible.