Iran’s Home Grown Gmail is called Chmail

SF News – Said Salarian, a deputy to Iran’s Informatics Council introduced a Farsi language free email system, yesterday called “chmail”. The Online service is expected to begin operation in mid December.

Salarian highlighted that the will be no need to identification cards in order to sign up for the service.

 Chmail will be Iran’s home grown email system similar to that of Yahoo or Gmail.  The service will include a Persian Calendar.

The new email will provide users with one gigabyte of space and 20 megabytes file attachment capability to each email.  The service will make available free client software to its users for offline access to resources.

The system is built around open source technology, said Salarian.

Salarian said the system will be secure while he did not elaborate on the issue.  As it would be expected any email technology in Iran would be accessible or at least easily hacked by the Iranian authorities. 

Google and Yahoo have repeatedly complained about Iranians sabotaging and hacking their email system.  Just recently Google warned its users in Iran to change their passwords as a measure to secure personal information.