Kepler Telescope Finds Planets Capable of Hosting Extraterrestrial Life

SF News – Three planets have been discovered recently by NASA’s Kepler telescope that scientists consider to be best candidates yet for having some sort of life form on them.

The planets are outside our solar system, of course, and two belong to a 5-planet solar system in which the sun is almost the same size of our own sun.  The third planet that is potentially habitable is said to possibly have liquid water on the surface said the Journal of Science Thursday.

With all the discoveries, “earth is looking less and less like a special place,” says a NASA scientist.   It seems there are “earth-like things everywhere,” added Kepler scientist, Tom Barclay of Bay Area environmental research Institute in California.

The characteristics of these planets are quite different than the planets in our solar system and some may be larger or smaller than our planet Earth. If there is life on any of these planets, it would be very different than what we know on Earth, say scientists.

While a number of other planets capable of hosting some sort of life form have been discovered until now, these three seem to be most likely to have life than others.

Scientists will not know exactly if the planets are habitable until they test the atmosphere.