Medicine Taken With Grapefruit Juice Can Kill

SF News – There are over 85 medications in the market today that taken with grapefruit Juice will cause harmful effects to the body including death, say Canadian doctors.

Grapefruit interacts with certain chemicals used in various medications resulting in an overdose effect.  As an example a certain pill taken with grapefruit juice can have the effect of 20 of the same pill if taken with water.  Such level of intake is considered quite toxic.

Some of these medications are very common such as antibiotics, some cholesterol-lowering drugs, and others that would treat high blood pressure.  Some cancer fighting medications have also been named to interact and cause serious side effects when taken with Grapefruit juice.

Other serious effects of combining grapefruit juice with medications are kidney failures, respiratory failures, and internal bleedings.

The sure way is not to take any drugs with grapefruit juice.  You have to keep in mind that besides pure juices, grapefruit maybe used in combination with other fruit juices as well.

There have been no study done yet to show how big of a problem this side effect has caused in absence of any awareness, while the matter can be quite dangerous.