Seasons Greetings Smelling Like Hot-Fresh Pizza

Pizza Hut Perfume
Pizza Hut Perfume

Pizza Hut Perfume

SF News – It’s no Giorgio Armani. This one smells like pizza.  It is a new way of attention grabbing and rewarding Facebook fans  just in time for Christmas season by the major pizza chain, Pizza Hut. Now the first question that would come to mind is that would it be pepperoni or mushrooms?


The company is only releasing 110 bottles of the perfume that will be given away to those most dedicated social media fans who were among the first to comment on the idea.


The limited edition Pizza Hut perfume idea was first conceived on the company’s Facebook page receiving thousands of comments and like clicks.  It apparently gives the sent of a fresh hot pizza when you open then box.

The perfume was designed to commemorate Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook page reaching one hundred thousand fans, says a press release from the company.

The idea, of course, is not so original.  Back in 2008 fast food giant Burger King introduced a body spray for men selling like grilled meat.

So how would you like to smell like a pizza?