Up Coming ‘Northern Lights’ Spectacle – Visible In Many Places on Earth

SF News – A large sunspot directed toward our planet caused a spectacular view of what is called aurora or ‘northern lights’ in southern US last week.  But a space watch website, predicts that even more people around the world may be able to take a glimpse at the nature’s lightshow over the next two weeks.

The northern lights or aurora phenomenon is caused by the collision of charged particles with earth’s atmosphere in the high altitude.   These particles are contained in what is called the solar wind.

The large sunspot that occurred last week unleashed solar flares toward our planet containing highly charged particles in large amounts.

For an aurora effect to take place the sunspot must unleash its flare toward the earth and then the flairs must carry with them the charged particles or otherwise the northern lights effect will not be as strong and visible or may not happen at all.

The particles discharged from the surface of the sun could reach our planet in 18 hours.  The sunspot would be in the right position to aim the particle discharge toward earth in the next two to three days.

Solar flares also cause communication problems on our plant regularly.

The unusually large sunspot that will be facing our planet during the next days is nearly 25,000 miles by 50,000 miles in dimensions.  It will remain visible on earth during the next few weeks.  It may be ready to erupt anytime after Friday.  If the eruption would translate into mass ejection or CME (Coulds of Charged Particles) while the sunspot is facing the earth, then the earth will witness a light spectacle.

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