US To Station Laser Weapons near Iran in Persian Gulf

Stop Fundamentalism – Newly designed laser weapons are being mounted on ships weighing over 50 tons that are stationed in the Persian Gulf region near Iran in view of possible future conflicts with this country, say Al-Arabia news.

The new laser weapons are designed for the United States Navy to be utilized in ships confronting Iranian drones and fast-moving boats in the Persian Gulf region.

A US Navy admiral told the New York Times Monday that the prototype of the new laser weapon has been produced.  The US Navy intends to use them primarily in order to raise security of its ships that are stationed in the Gulf.

In their past naval maneuvers, Iranians have displayed some fast-moving boats that would target ships in the sea.  In the past, US ships have had to deter Iranian boats from getting too close to its ships.

Iranian regime also claims to have produces its own version of unmanned airplanes.

The weapons can target and destroy Iranian boats and planes before they can inflict any damages to US Navy ships.  The weapons are hoped to reach the capability of diverting threats from fighter jets and ballistic missiles in the near future.

US officials say that the prototype has cost about $32 million.