Another Public Execution in Iran

The main victims of public executions in Iran are teens and young adults whose ages range between 18 through 25.

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Stop Fundamentalism – Reports from news agencies and Iranian sources indicate that a man identified only by his first name ‘Mohammed’ has been the latest victim of public execution in Iran.

The execution took place on April 5 in the city of Bam, the scene of the devastating earthquake of December 2003.

The man was convicted of murdering another man in 2005, authorities say.

The execution brings the total number of people executed in Iran in 2006 to 30 according to France Press News Agency.

Public executions in Iran are used as means of controlling the ever growing public dissent especially amongst the youth in Iran.  Therefore, the main victims of these public executions are teens and young adults whose ages range between 18 through 25.

Currently, there are at least two young women in Iran on death row.  Delara Darabi 19, and Nazanin 18, both committed their crimes when they were under 18.

Iranian regime also executed a political prisoner, Mr. Hojjat Zamani, a prominent resistance figure on February 7 and another political prisoner, Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi is currently awaiting his execution set to be carried out on May 16.  He reportedly has been forced to sign his own death warrant.

Public executions are usually carried out by hanging the victim from a crane in crowded areas of major cities and public squares to receive maximum number of viewers.