Another spot inspection at Evin Prison in Iran

Yet another inspection was carried out on Thursday at the notorious Evin prison in Tehran, according to the main opposition coalition NCRI. This prison, which holds many Iranian political prisoners, was raided in wards 7 and 8 by the mullahs’ henchmen.

Early in the morning, the prisoners here made to wait outside in the courtyard while their belongings were rifled through. 

This is becoming a regular occurrence for the prisoners in these wards where there have been a number of inspections in recent months. 

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported that the prisoners believe these inspections are “an attempt by the regime to intimidate the inmates and aggravate their suffering”.

This inspection follows the transfer of 47 prisoners from wards 7 and 8. They were moved, under heavy escort, to Fashafouye Prison – the recently-opened Greater Tehran Central Prison – on Tuesday.

The NCRI said that although construction at the prison has not been completed, and despite the lack of facilities, the regime has started to move prisoners in.

The dire conditions that prisoners are subject to are being highlighted by prisoners who have started protesting. Over 500 went on hunger strike at the end of July.

The prisoners are living in cramped conditions in unsanitary places, they are left to suffer without medical care, they do not have access to clean, working toilets and they are regularly abused by prison wardens.

At the beginning of August, the NCRI criticized the treatment of the prisoners of Fashafouye Prison (also known as Hassanabad Qom Prison) who are forced into unpaid labor.