At Least One Prisoner Hanged in Iran – Ashton Calls for Moratorium

Stop Fundamentalism – At least one prisoner has been executed in Iran’s notorious Evin prison today and the fate of 4 others who were transferred to this prison for execution yesterday is unknown, says Iranian Human Rights News Agency.

European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton warned Iran on the use of the death penalty today in a statement. 

Ashton expressed deep concern about the rate of increase in the number of execution in Iran making this country to be one of the world’s leading users of death penalty.

United Nations reported over 600 executions in Iran in 2011.

“In the week beginning 14 May alone, the Iranian authorities confirmed that 35 executions took place,” stated the statement.

“The situation in Iran goes against the worldwide trend towards the abolition of the death penalty,” Ashton stressed adding, “The EU holds a strong and principled position against the death penalty. It calls on Iran, as it does on all states which insist on maintaining capital punishment, to halt pending executions and to introduce a moratorium on the death penalty.”