COVID 19 is the Main Cause of Death in Iran

The novel coronavirus has taken the lives of over 170,200 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition (PMOI / MEK Iran)


The main opposition to the current regime in Iran, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), reported that COVID-19 has killed 170,200 people in Iran. While this figure is the true death toll, the regime is still saying that the official death rate is 47,095, nearly a quarter of the true figure.

The death rate follows the general trend throughout the world as follows:

41,911 in Tehran, 12,050 in Razavi Khorasan, 9685 in Isfahan, 7000 in Lorestan, 6779 in East Azerbaijan, 6592 in Mazandaran, 6260 in West Azerbaijan, 5736 in Gilan, 4817 in Fars, 4557 in Alborz, 4301 in Sistan & Baluchistan, 4275 in Hamedan, 4237 in Golestan, 3666 in Kermanshah, 3333 in Markazi (Central), 3259 in Kerman, 2977 in Yazd, 2673 in North Khorasan, 2514 in Semnan, 1915 in Ardabil, 1850 in Hormozgan, 1769 in Bushehr, 1729 in Qazvin, 1725 in Ilam, 1700 in Zanjan, 1536 in South Khorasan, and 1189 in Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmed. This is in addition to reports obtained from other provinces.

According to the health ministry, in just a 24 hour period there were 482 new deaths from COVID-19 with 13,961 new cases. At the same time, there were 5849 patients being in ICUs.

The Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, reported on Thursday that it was alarming to see more and more people ending up in the hospital due to the effects of the virus and that now throughout the provinces COVID-19 was the main cause of deaths.

The Head of the Majlis (parliament) Health Commission mentioned that any decision now to halt the spread of the virus was too late. Even if a complete shutdown was ordered for up to 30 days there are so many employees who are back at work such as administrative employees and bank employees. Also, almost all the parks are open. As time is given for the virus to claim even more lives, there are fewer and fewer motorized vehicles on the streets in Iran.

The current state of COVID-19 in some provinces is mentioned below:

  • A spokesperson from Tehran’s Masih Daneshvari Hospital said on Thursday that short restrictions reduce the pressure of the virus but once lifted there is just a return to similar cases and death rates before restrictions are imposed. Hospitals are full to capacity and there were fewer patients just for a few days but now the numbers have increased but there is still a shortage of nurses.
  • The deputy dean of Fars Medical Sciences University on Wednesday said recently that 42 patients had just died and now the deaths in the province had reached 2314 with 2297 patients currently hospitalized 386 of which are in ICUs.
  • The head of Alborz Medical Sciences University said in the last 24 hours 23 Covid-19 patients died and now the total deaths stood at 2251.
  • In Sistan & Baluchistan province, the head of the Zahedan Medical Sciences University said the province was getting more and more worried about the increase in numbers contracting the virus. Now hospitals were full.
  • The governor of Gonaveh, a city in Bushehr province of southern Iran said that 50% of COVID-19 tests analyzed had come back with a positive result.

The head of Ardabil Medical Sciences University said the province’s medical centers were full and there was no room for any more patients. The figures showed that at the moment there are 114 Covid-19 patients in ICUs, with 54 classified as being in a critical condition, who were surviving due to the use of ventilators.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI), the mullahs ruling Iran facilitated the spread of Coronavirus and did not make any serious efforts to contain it. This is why the pandemic has turned into a source for hidden escalation of fury and anger.

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