French MPs Support Iran’s Opposition

Stop Fundamentalism, 19 May 2011 – A majority of Members of Parliament in the French National Assembly released a statement in support of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), The main Iranian opposition movement based near Paris.

The statement that was released at a press conference in Paris, yesterday called on the French government to “recognize the resistance against the religious dictatorship in Iran” and to “consider establishing a dialogue with the NCRI.”

The statement is released a few days after the French anti-terrorism investigative judges dropped all charges of terrorism against the movement.  The suppressing decision recognizes the “legitimate right to resistance against tyranny.”

In this statement, the MPs declared the Iranian regime to be the main road block to democracy in the region.  They highlighted the fact that Iran tries to divert the Arab Spring freedom movement in the region to Islamic Fundamentalism.

The statement admired the courage of the Iranian people and their resistance as a shield to block expansion of the fundamentalist regime in Iran into other Muslim nations.

The MPs criticized the policy of engagement towards the Iranian regime as “the policy of appeasement.”  They called for support of the Iranian resistance as the only viable alternative to war.

The NCRI is a Parliament in Exile consisting of a number of groups and individuals, including the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MeK),  who call for the overthrow of the Iranian theocratic regime and installment of a democratic republic in Iran.

The supporters of the resistance would be subject to harshest treatments if identified inside Iran which is usually death.  The resistance maintained a camp in Iraq near Baghdad named Ashraf.  The residents of Camp Ashraf were subject to an assault last month by Iraqi forces.  Thirty five people died in the attack.

The European Parliament has introduced an initiative to remove the 3400 residents of the camp and resettle them in Europe and North America in order to save their lives.