Hunger strike outside Downing Street to protest executions carried out by Iranian regime

The Evening Standard has reported that “hordes of protesters” are entering the final day of a hunger strike outside Downing Street. Their efforts are a bid to convince the government to condemn the “horrific” spate of executions that are being carried out in Iran.

A three day hunger strike started on Saturday and coincided with the anniversary of the 1988 massacre which saw around 30,000 political prisoners executed in Iran.

At the weekend Anglo-Iranian and British supporters gathered in Downing Street to express their anger over the dozens of people who were executed in Iran last week.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the main opposition group, say that there have been more than 2,500 executions in Iran so far during Hassan Rouhani’s time as president since 2013.

They are calling on the government to condemn “executions and torture” in Iran.

The Evening Standard spoke to one protester, Omid Ebrahim, 18. He said that although hunger is taking its toll it was “worth it” to achieve the group’s goal. He said: “We are striking in solidarity with prisoners in Iran. No matter how hard this is for us, it is nothing compared to the conditions they are facing.”

The NCRI said: “Hunger strikers and protesters are urging the UK government to categorically condemn the incessant cruel hangings that are taking place unabatedly in Iran and act with its Western allies to press for an immediate halt to the executions and torture in Iran.”