Iran: Another political prisoner in danger of execution


Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi

Stop Fundamentalism, May 24 – Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi, a 28 year old, long time political prisoner, has disappeared from the Gohar-Dasht prison near Karaj in Iran, internal human rights activists from Iran report. 

The guards have reportedly removed Mahdavi from his cell taking him to an known place.  When faced with his cellmates asking about his whereabouts, the guards answer that he was taken to the section 5 where the other political prisoners are kept.

After many hours passed, Mr. Mahdavi has not been transferred to section 5 yet and no one know about his situation.

Yesterday, Amnesty International blasted Iran’s human rights violation records in its annual report.  Emphasizing the great number of executions in this country, Amnesty said, “Scores of political prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, continued to serve prison sentences imposed following unfair trials in previous years”

The report accused Iranian authorities of arbitrarily detaining internet journalists and human rights without access to family or legal representation, often initially in “secret detention centers”.