Iran Executes 82 Prisoners in Two Weeks

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian regime, in another round of mass-execution spree, hanged 82 prisoners during the past two weeks, says the Iranian opposition.

In a statement released to the media, the National Council of Resistance of Iran condemned what it called an “unprecedented record of savagery and crime” by the Iranian regime staging mass executions in various prisons and in public throughout the country.   The NCRI says that the actual number could be higher as news of many executions has not been published by the media.

Prisoners were hanged in groups in Iranian prisons such as Gohardasht, Ghezel Hessar and Adelabad as well as prisons in cities such as Khorramabad and Kerman and other cities.

In the statement, President of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi, considered the increasing trend of executions a display of fear by the Iranian mullahs of another popular uprising on the eve of a nationwide Iranian “Festival of Fire.”  During this yearly event, Iranians gather in streets celebrating an ancient Persian tradition of jumping over fire.  But the Iranian regime fears that the crowed gatherings in celebration could turn into protests and unrest.

The Iranian regime is experiencing considerable internal political and economical tensions as a result of international sanctions imposed on the country due to its suspicious nuclear program.  A new round of talks in Kazakhstan last week only led to plans for more talks during the next month.  At the same time the International Atomic Energy Agency, once again pressed Iran to allow its inspectors to visit a nuclear site near the capital Tehran by the name of Parchin.  The IAEA suspects that the site has been used for tests a nuclear trigger which, if proved to be true, would reveal the military nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

Rajavi attributed the recent killings to the Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s direct orders and called on the international community and the United Nations to break silence and refer Iran’s human rights record to the Security Council.  She called for prosecution of Ali Khamenei for committing repeated crimes against humanity.

Rajavi also called on the western governments and specifically the United States to end repeated invitations of Iranian regime to negotiations as they only would “intensify these murders.”