Iran Human Rights Violations in January 2012

The Iranian regime announced publicly the executions of 45 people in the in January 2012.  That number included 16 public executions.

According to state-run media, the Iranian regime hanged a total of 11 people in various cities on January 4, 2012. Just Eleven days later, on January 15, twelve other prisoners were hanged.

There are reports of 24 other executions inside Iranian prisons without public announcements.  

The Iranian regime arbitrarily killed seven people during January. Five women prisoners were suspiciously killed in the course of a few days in Qarchak Prison.  Officials announced that the women committed suicide.  5 suicides in one prison in just a few days calls for real concern.

A 21-year-old political prisoner passed away suffering from a heart attack in Khoy Prison. He was reportedly denied any medical treatment.

Also reports from various Iranian state-run media indicate that 42 people were sentenced to death in January.  That number includes seven political prisoners charged with cyber crimes.  They were forced under torture to make confessions against themselves committing alleged crimes, says Reporters without Borders.   Two prisoners named to have received death sentences, Saied Malekpour and Amir Mirzayi, are said to have dual citizenships.

State- run media also have reported that two prisoners received lashes just before being executed.

The above information has mostly been gathered from Iranian state-run media during the month of January and show, to a degree of accuracy, only the portion of executions and other inhuman treatments of prisoners in Iran that has been published.  A great number of executions in Iran go unreported.