Iran: Imprisoned teacher condemned to 3 more years in prison

Mr. Rasoul Bodaghi, a high school teacher in Eslamshahr (south-west of the Iran’s capital Tehran) and an activist in the teachers’ union, was condemned to a further three years in prison, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has reported.

He was arrested in the 2009 anti-regime uprisings and condemned to six years in prison and should have been set free this year.

His twin daughters who were two years old when he was arrested are now in third grade and are still deprived of having their father at home.

Ms. Alizadeh, Mr. Bodaghi’s wife, had informed the teachers’ union that Iran’s ruling mullahs have opened another file against her husband.

Fabrication of new files against teachers is part of an attempt by the ruling fascism in Iran to terrorize the teachers who have participated in anti-government protests in the recent months.

Mr. Bodaghi has also been deprived of social activities for five years.

In collaboration with the mullahs’ suppressive judiciary, the Ministry of Education of Hassan Rouhani’s government has fired this teacher because of his absence from school although he is in prison and he has been condemned of “activities against the system” and “acts against national security” for his presence in “protest gatherings of educational workers”.

The teachers’ union in Iran is a syndicate that was established in 1999. 

Since the protest by the teachers’ union in front of the Majlis (parliament) became violent with the intervention of security forces and the plainclothes agents, a large number of teachers were arrested and subsequently jailed.

In September 2007, the coordination council of the teachers’ union in Tehran was raided by the security forces and teachers were battered up. Forty teachers were arrested on that day and sent to prison.

On June 27, the union’s secretary general Esmail Abdi who had been barred from leaving the country for one week, was arrested and condemned to 10 years in prison. He had been told that if he resigns from his post in the union, he would not go to prison. But he refused and is currently spending his time.

On August 31, Messrs Mohammad-Reza Neiknejad and Mehdi Bohlouli and in recent days Mr. Mahmoud Beheshti Langeroudi, the union’s spokesman, were arrested.

Recently, the regime has resorted to a wave of arrests of members of this union. These arrests come on the eve of the reopening of schools and are meant to prevent protest movements against the regime in the schools.