Iran: mass execution of political prisoners after the Security Council referral

Hojjat Zamani Execution

“Prisoner of conscience” By Sala

February 13, 2006, Tehran (Stop Fundamentalism) – International observers warn of imminent danger of mass executions of political prisoners in Iran after the referral of this countries nuclear dossier to the U.N. Security Council.

According to internal reports, Iranian officials have warned the families of political prisoners that if Iran was sent to the Security Council by the IAEA, all prisoners will be executed.

“In 1967, after the Iran-Iraq war and the defeat of Ayatollahs in that war, thousands of political prisoners were executed,” the Farsi language program of Voice of America reported Tuesday February 9th.

Reports indicate that some prisoners including 31 year old Hojjat Zamani, have disappeared since last Monday.

Hojjat’s family has not been able to locate him yet and they say they are very worried about his life.

In 2003, Hojjat zamani escaped from the Evin prison, but was extradited to Iran by the Turkish police. His two brothers have been executed by the Iranian government before.

Hojjat zamani and six other political prisoners started a 32 days hunger strike on January 24, 2005 that attracted international attention to the horrendous conditions of prisons in Iran and severe abuse of human rights. Now, less than a month after that hunger strike, the Islamic republic regime intends to execute Hojjat Zamani.

Since Iran’s new president Ahmadinejad has taken office last August, over 200 people have been executed some as young as 16 years old.