Iran military and Security forces staged maneuvers – definit show of fear of internal unrest

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 13 – Quassem Mollaii, commander of Tehran’s Basij force declared a series of maneuvers in the 10 regions of the province. These maneuvers that began on November 9 will continue for 9 days. 

In the city of Gachsaran [Khuzestan province], Moussavi said: “This maneuver is to continue for 10 days and will include confronting unrests and defending streets.”

Similar maneuvers were announced in Kerman province. Maneuvers in the city of Shiraz will be conducted from 12 till 17 November.

Similar maneuvers were conducted in Yazd province on Thursday. Commander Dashti announced that 4,600 forces from Basij will demonstrate their defensive capabilities in 10 days.