Iran Sanctions American Officials for Human Rights Violations

Stop Fundamentalism, 26 May, 2011 – Speaker for Iran’s National Security Commission in the country’s Islamic Council which plays the role of a Parliament, proposed a plan Tuesday to sanction and indicted a number of American officials on the charges of violations of human rights and crimes against humanity, reported Mehr state-run news agency.

Kazem Jalali, told Mehr, “Although the overall American policy is criminal but some American officials have played a major role in violation of human rights and crime against humanity and also production and trafficking of narcotics.  The plan attempts to punish such persons.”

Iranian regime is known for making ludicrous claims by using international laws and various apparatus to advance its own propaganda and policies of terrorism and diversion of public attention to main issues.  In the international scene, the minimums Iran aims to achieve by doing this is to put itself at a leveled balance with the United States and the Europeans. But for the main part the target for this propaganda is internal and towards regimes oppressive forces to show that it is still powerful.

As an example, referring to a David Koresh incident and the Dividing cult in Waco Texas back  in 1993, Jalali tries to justify crackdown on the Iranian peoples and specifically the Mojahedin in Ashraf, Iraq.  Because the regime accuses them of being a cult so it would be ok to destroy them all.

Jalali named some of those who have been mentioned in this list but referred publication of a complete list to ratification of the proposal by the Islamic Council.  “Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense is among those named to be sactioned,” said Jalali.

There may be many violators of human rights in the world, some of whom are close friends of the mullahs’ regime, naming Bashar Assad of Syria.  But one thing is for certain and that is the Iranian regime are the last people anyone would consider to turn to for defending their human rights.