Iranian regime says execution is their redline that cannot be abandoned

According to an article by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the mullah’s envoy in negotiations with the EU has said that Iran cannot and will not abandon its redline of executions in the country.

The regime’s deputy foreign minister, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, said in explicit terms that the country will not stop executions. In what the NCRI describe as outrageous, he said that rapid results will not come from negotiations and it could take several years for change to happen. He claimed that the human rights negotiations are an effort to stop “Iran-phobia” and to “whitewash the ugly face of the religious fascism that is the Godfather of state terrorism and holds the world record for most executions per capita”.  

Therefore, the dialogue regarding human rights is nothing but a tool to facilitate trading with the regime, a ploy to lift sanctions and to prevent further sanctions from being implemented. 

Takht-Ravanchi, in an interview with ILNa, a state news agency affiliated with the regime, said: “We shall not abandon our red lines in human rights negotiations. We have told them too that we have redlines in some aspects. When the issue of executions are discussed, I will say that we do execute capital punishment in the context of our laws, and this is not something that we could leave aside… this is clear both to us and to them. Aside from this, there are issues that through interaction we can bring views closer together … of course, in some areas that we have the explicit command of the Quran, like Qesas (retaliation), they are not issues that diplomats could bring their views together through different methods.”

The international hatred of the regime’s tendency towards executions and terrorism is “Iran-phobia”, he claims. “Iran-phobia has gained a foothold in the West over years. This is partly due to the issue of human rights. By interaction we can defeat the attempts our enemies have made for Iran-phobia.”

The NCRI say: “As the Iranian Resistance has emphasized since three decades ago, this regime cannot survive for even one single day without execution, torture and killing. It has to face sanctions and punishments for its crimes against humanity. Any negotiation with this savage regime about human rights only fuels repression and execution machine.”