Iranian Resistance led by Maryam Rajavi is supported by José Bové MEP

On 9 July, in Paris, there will be the major “Free Iran” gathering. This event will be supported by an important French Member of the European Parliament, José Bové.

José Bové in a video message was critical of France’s government for welcoming last week the Iranian regime’s foreign minister.

Mr. Bové said in a video message, aired by the Iranian opposition satellite channel Simay-e Azadi, that 270 Members of the European Parliament “of all political persuasions signed a statement with a clear message condemning the mullahs and supporting democracy and reiterating that we should not be dealing with this dictatorship.”

He continued and said that: “How can we today accept a regime that imprisons, prosecutes and executes thousands of women, journalists, union activists, and youths? The people are forced to keep silent. How can we accept that our democratic and secular country deals and trade with such regimes?”

José Bové reiterated: “That is why I protest today. I ask all supporters of Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance to participate in the major gathering held on July 9 to support a democratic and secular Iran.”

His discourse went even further: “Today, more than ever, the world needs a democracy which is transparent and secular, and that is why I am supporting the Iranian Resistance.”

On 9 July, in Paris, history will be written as the major gathering of Iranians along with their international supporters will be an event that will bring together tens of thousands of Iranians and hundreds of senior political dignitaries, parliamentarians, human rights and women’s rights activists and religious leaders from the United States, Europe, and Islamic countries. This event will create the necessary international support that will help the cause of democracy and freedom survive in Iran.