Iraqi MP: MEK in Iraq Are Refugees, Protected Under Geneva Conventions

Stop Fundamentalism, 17 March, 2011 – A member of Iraqi Parliament, Neda al-Jabouri told the Iraqi media that the Iranian regime continues to pressure the Iraqi government to violate the human rights of the residents in Camp Ashraf.

Residents of Camp Ashraf are mainly members of the Iranian opposition group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq organization (MEK).

“While the residents must be protected against abuses, many of the patients at the camp are being deprived of medicine and medical treatment due to the unjust siege laid on them by Baghdad,” Said al-Jabouri to Baghdad Daily.   She described the installation of 210 loudspeakers around the camp’s premises and other violation committed against the residents as “shameful action by Iraqi government  meant to subject the residents to pressure and torture.”

MEK says that Iraqi government has allow the Iranian regime agents to install 210 loudspeakers around the camp to threaten the residents.  The subject of these loudspeakers have been brought up in European and Unites States parliaments.  Amnesty International and many other human rights watch groups have condemned the use of these speakers as means of torture.

In a press release on Thursday, the National Council of Resistance of Iran complained of continuous pressures on the Residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq by the Iraqi government.

“The residents of Ashraf, members of the main Iranian opposition group People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran (MEK), are considered refugees and subject to the Geneva Conventions, and are supposed to be under the Iraqi government’s protection,” Told Neda al-Jabouri to the daily.  She accused the Iraqi forces stationed around the camp to be committing human rights violations against the residents and stressed that, “The Iraqi government is responsible for all the human rights violations and aggressions carried out against the residents of Camp Ashraf.”