Mass Arrest of Christians Continue in Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – Media sources from Iran warn that the number of arrested Christians in Iran is on the rise in various cities.

HRA News reports that the arrested, are mostly new Christians who have converted from Islam.

In the city of Esfahan, two women, Shahnaz Zarifi and Maryam Del Aram and a man, Shahram Ghaedi have been arrested.  Reports say that Mr. Ghaedi’s home was searched during the raid and a number of items were taken by the Iranian security forces. 

Mr. Ghaedi is a member of the St. Pauls church in Esfahan and a theatrical artist.  He has repeatedly played the role of Jesus in various Iranian theaters.   Those familiar with him and his family say that his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Maryam Del Aram, 56, was also taken from her home on the same day.  Iranian security police searched her home at the time of arrested and took a number of items including her bible with them.  It is said that Mrs. Del Aram suffers from severe illness and is currently deprived of her medication by Iranian regime forces. Multiple attempts by her daughter to give her the medicine in prison has failed.

Shahnaz Zarifi, is a new Christian who converted from Islam and has two children.  She was arrested last week.

Iranian security forces have arrested dozens of Iranian Christians in the past two months, reports HRA News, which is an Iranian human rights specific news website.  The arrests have taken place in cities of Ahwaz, Shiraz, Esfahan, and Tehran.