Narges Mohammadi sentenced to 16 years in Evin Prison: “…I have no regret about the jobs that I did.”

On October 8, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) published an article about Narges Mohammadi, human rights activist. 

Narges Mohammadi sent a letter from Evin Prison stating  that she will tolerate the ordeal of prison, but that she will never believe that serving a day in prison is legal, ethical and humane for her.  She writes, “I believe in the way I pursue and I have no regret about the jobs that I did.”

Branch 36 of the Appeals Court of Tehran Province confirmed the sentence of 16 years of imprisonment for Narges Mohammadi, after which she defended her actions in a letter. “I don’t regret about my beliefs, thoughts, and deeds and I insist on the realization of human rights.”


She asks, as well, “are the social harms, such as addiction, poverty, unemployment and suicide, the product of the human rights’ activists or are they the result of government’s performance?”

Mohammadi decried the lack of boundaries the government has in observing the people’s privacy, saying “Not only are the individual, civil and political rights of the citizens retained but the government also encroach them and each protest is responded with imprisonment and detainment.”

“Apparently, the Judiciary of Iran has switched the place of the defendant and the plaintiff. The perpetrators of the economic, cultural and social problems are exempted from any interrogations or further inquiries whereas the real victims and critics are sentenced to imprisonment and punishment,” writes political prisoner, Narges Mohammadi.