Polish MEP: Europe must support the Iranian opposition

Polish MEP, Jaroslaw Walesa, speaking on behalf of the ‘Friends of Free Iran‘ in the European Parliament, said  that it was “most important” that Europe support the Iranian opposition in its struggle against the regime in Tehran.

MEPS also believed, he said, that governments had to apply pressure to the Iranian regime to respect human rights. Given the increasing repression in Iran under Rouhani, more than 270 MEPS had called upon the institutions and the member states of the European Union to respond by putting a concern for human rights at the heart of the agenda.

Mr Walesa, son of former President of Poland, Lech Walesa, went on to invite all those who care about human rights to join with the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)  and a global audience of policy-makers, civic and religious leaders, journalists and others in a rally for a Free Iran on July 9 in Paris.