Prisoner Of Politics Writes A Letter To The UN About Abuse In Iran

A political prisoner, Mr. Hassan Sadeqi who is being held prisoner at the Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison, located in Karaj, which is North West of the Iranian capital has written a letter to the UN. Inside the letter he protests the authorities not enabling him to be able to visit his wife who is also being held inside prison in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.

His letter to the UN Human Rights Council highlighted his concerns about being told that he was unable to be granted a visit to see his wife in Tehran’s Evin Prison. The bearer of the news was a police officer called Mohammadreza Shojai. He claimed that there had been a court order issued that stated that Hassan would be unable to visit family members. Upon requesting that this order was shown to him, the guard refused to do so, saying that he is not authorized to showcase the document. Hassan was clearly upset about this and mentioned that if there was an order in place, he should be able to read its content. It was clear that the guard was making the story up. This is a fine demonstration of just how abusive and ignorant low ranking officials are in Iran. It is a form of harassment, the prisoner then goes on to mention how he and his spouse were sentenced to 15 years, separately as they were formally charged with supporting the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran [PMOI or MEK]. He says that their kids maintain their hope based on monthly visits to both parents. Political prisoners in Iran are also not able to make calls to one another. To begin with they were both granted calls to their children, but those have now been banned. His son was arrested for trying to make contact with his parents, now all visits have been stopped with immediate effect.

He says that torture inside the prison is normal, harassment can also be expected and that the place is extremely corrupt. He goes on to request advice from the UN Human Rights Council, asking them what they would do when there is no justice. It’s a miracle that the letter even made it out of the prison. Let’s hope that Mr Sadeqi will not face consequences as a result of sending it. On the upside, it helps to draw attention to just how bad things inside Iran have got.

There will be a major gathering of Iranians in Paris on the 9th of July. The event will be in attendance from hundreds of senior political dignitaries, parliamentarians, human rights and women’s rights activists and religious leaders from the United States, Europe, and Islamic countries. The protest will help to bring together and showcase support for democracy and freedom in Iran. It will also highlight the struggles of Iran’s political prisoners whom are in constant suffering because of the Mullahs’ regime. If you hold human rights issues close to your heart, then you can help to make a difference by participating in the protest.