Reports: Iranian political prisoners face appalling conditions

Political prisoners in Zahedan Prison are subjected to inhumane conditions from the prison officials according to recent reports.

The prison, in southeastern Iran, is so overcrowded that political prisoners must share cells with those convicted of violent offences including murder. Most prisoners are forced to sleep on the ground as there are not enough beds available.

Indeed, this 11-cell ward is known as the Exile Ward among prisoners.

The sanitary conditions are deplorable with so few toilets that the wait for the bathroom is agonizingly long and no hot water so that prisoners, even those who are old or sick, may not bathe. There have also been restrictions on sanitary products like shampoo and toothpaste.

Understandably, these hygiene problems could lead to a rise in infections (including bladder infections from having to hold urine in for a long time). Still, the Ministry of Intelligence refuses to allow medical services, including medicine and hospitalization to the inmates.

Another issue is the food quality within the prison, with undercooked food being served, which has the potential to make prisoners ill.