Teenage girl to be executed in Iran

Teenage girl to be executed in Iran Stopfundamentalism.com    
Monday, 02 January 2006
Delara Darabi a 19-year-old girl is to be executed in Iran according to Aftab state-run daily. She has been alleged to have murdered a woman when she was 17. Her death sentence was issued by a clerical court in the city of Rasht (northern Iran) and endorsed by mullahs’ high court despite her denial of committing the crime.

Delara is a painter and engaged to a man who is sentenced to imprisonment for his involvement in the alleged crime.

Amnesty International and the United Nations General Assembly have condemned high number of executions in Iran and in particular under-aged individuals.

Since Ahmadinejad’s came  to power last July, over 110 execution sentences have been reported by the state-run media in Iran, many of which carried out already.

Many women’s rights and human rights organizations have called for an international campaign to save Delara Darabi.