Teens Executed in Iran

At least 103 people have been hanged in Iran since January of 2006

Stop Fundamentalism, July 26 – In the past four days, Iran’s theocratic regime hanged four people in the cities of Aq Qala, and Boroujerd.
According to the official news agency IRNA, on July 24, the mullahs’ judiciary hanged two young men in public in the northern town of Aq Qala. The victims were identified as 18-year-old Ibrahim Arokhi and 19-year-old Abdollah Qare-Qoul.

Also the semi-official daily Kayhan reported on July 20 that two men aged 21 and 23 year old were hanged in public in the western town of Boroujerd.
The official tally of the hangings since January of 2006 based on reports in government-run media stands at 103.