Twenty three prisoners, including two women hanged in Iran in past two days

Stop Fundamentalism, Thursday September 6 – Two prisoners were hanged in the port city of Bandar Abbas in oil rich southern province of Khuszistan today, Fars state-run news agency reported.   This brings the number of executions in the past two days to twenty three.

The men executed today were identified as Ali D. and Karim T. who were alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking.

Twenty one other prisoners, including two women were hanged yesterday on the charges of “corruption on earth.”

The recent wave of executions in Iran which includes political prisoners follows widespread protests across the country against mullahs’ rule.

The number of executions in the first eight months of 2007 has well exceeded the total number in 2006.

The executions are part of a new wave which has been going on for over two months.

Amnesty International released a statement yesterday condemning the on-going executions by the mullahs’ regime: