United Nation Vote Condemns Iran’s Violation of Human Rights

Stop Fundamentalism – The United Nations Assembly General today condemned violations of human rights in Iran with in a resolution that passed with an 89 to 30 vote and 64 abstentions.  The resolution expressed concern at serious ongoing and recurring human rights violations in that country.

The resolution was already approved through the United Nations’ third committee in November.  On major point of frustration by the international community was Iran’s refusal to receive the UN special Rapporteur, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed who was appointed early this year to oversee the serious situation of human rights in that country.

Amnesty International reported last week that Iran executed 600 people mostly by hanging in 2011.  That number is the highest number of executions in that country.

Iran tried to block the vote today in the UN General Assembly by calling for no-action motion, but failed.  The request was received 100 votes against, 35 in favor and 42 abstentions.

Over 40 countries co-sponsored the resolution this year.