Young worker killed in Iran after being arrested and tortured

Henchmen of the Iranian regime killed a young laborer during torture after arresting him last Tuesday shortly before the Fire Festival marked the beginning of New Year celebrations in Iran.

 Mr. Mohsen Maleki aged 25 worked in a sweet shop and was arrested on March 17; this poor man’s body was handed over to his family in a ruined state with fractures, injuries covering his face and parts of his body and hematomas all over. According to statements from eye witnesses he was completely healthy before his arrest and had no such injuries.

Apparently Mr. Mohsen had been summoned regularly to police headquarters prior to the Fire Festival each year since 2011 where he was threatened not to hold the ceremony. This year following his summoning by regime elements Mr.

Mohsen did not cooperate and report to the police headquarters. Following his denial to attend their summons he was taken under custody by elements of security forces and transferred to the security forces headquarters.

Several hours after his apprehension he succumbed to the injuries sustained from the severe battering and savage torture he suffered at the hands of officers. Mohsen had been arrested on the pretext of preventing crime before the Wednesday feast and his body was buried on Friday.

According to his family police forces and the staff at Khorshid Hospital where he probably perished failed to provide the relevant documentation and medical records relevant to his death.

So far government officials have remained silent about the suspicious nature of his demise and his family is left in their grief without justice or even an explanation.

“We met Mohsen on Tuesday and he was well, but on Wednesday morning we got the news of his death,” Ms. Shirani added.

The death of Mr. Mohsen is amongst the numerous other suspicious deaths of prisoners and detainees in custody, and only some cases have been accepted by gone ignored with no proper investigations taking place and the perpetrators of the heinous crimes going unpunished and unquestioned. Similarly Mr.

Satar Beheshti who was also a laborer and blogger died in custody early November 2012 several days after being taken into custody by the Iranian Cyber Police unit for his critique on the Iranian regime on his Facebook page.