Injustice prevails in Iran

Somewhere in Iran in a grimy cell lies Saman Naseem, a political prisoner in the grasp of the Fundamentalist regime beaten, bruised and tortured physically and mentally.

This poor soul is scheduled to be executed on 19th February. According to Amnesty International Saman was tortured and a forced confession was recorded to air on television.

Saman was put to trial in a criminal court in April 2013 by a criminal court in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan province on the charges of “enmity against God” and “corruption on earth” because of his past history of being a member of a Kurdish opposition group.

According to an Amnesty Statement his basic human rights were violated, he was not allowed access to an attorney during the early investigations, alongside that he was physically tortured by gruesome means which included the removal of his finger, pulling out his toenails and being hung upside down for hours.

On the 15th of February Saman called his family and told them that earlier that day he was escorted to the security department of the Oroumeih Prison by people he believed were part of the Ministry Of Intelligence, he stated that they were carrying cameras and recording equipment. They proceeded to beat him for hours on end trying to make him confess on camera, but he refused to give in.

Saman was arrested in 2011 July when he was just seventeen years old, multiple human rights groups have appealed to the Government of Iran to spare him as Iran’s penal code denies the death penalty to juveniles who have committed crimes that can be dealt with at the leisure of the judge and his or her own discretion. This is the reality of the regime in Iran since they could not convict and judge him worthy of the death penalty for his crimes, they placed on him allegations of “enmity against God” and “corruption on earth”.

According to the mullahs in Iran Saman who was a mere seventeen committed these crimes and hence deserves to die, the brutality that this poor soul has hadn’t endure cannot even be imagined and at the moment he is alone in his plight and the situation seems bleak. Recently, Amnesty published a letter written by Saman which delved on how he was tortured and gruesome details of his ordeal;
“They told me that they would kill me right there and would cover my grave with cement. When I wanted to sleep during nights, they would not let me rest by making noises using different devices, including by constantly banging on the door. I was in a state between madness and consciousness. I could not have any contact with my family during this time.”

This is just one of the few atrocities committed by the Iranian government and Saman is one of those who have suffered and been served injustice in this state.