Iran Appeasement Policy Must Come to an End Under Trump’s Administration

The recent Presidential election in the U.S. has made the Iran regime officials worried about what the future holds, according to an article in the American Thinker.

The groups that have lobbied the mullahs’ interests in the White House are now trying to influence the new president Donald Trump with their agendas. This is because of Donald Trump’s opposing views to Barack Obama’s in relation to Iran.

The Obama’s administration have carried out appeasement policies in relation to Iran, including the recent U.S.-Iran Nuclear deal.  These policies have had disastrous consequences in Iran and the Middle East. The work of Obama’s administration has only encouraged the Iranian officials, notorious for human rights abuse and supporting terrorist activities in the Middle East, to carry out their crimes at home, in Iran, and in the wider region. The so-called “moderate” regime of the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, has seen an increase in repressions on civilians in Iran. Scores of people were executed, including the 966 people whom the United Nations reported as having died in 2015 alone. Sadly, this practice continues to this day – the Iranian regime is ruthless when it comes to political opposition and ‘enemies of thought.’ Outside of its borders, Iran has used Shiite militias in several countries, including Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen to exert its power. 

But the Iranian lobbyist groups in Washington want these appeasement measures to continue and have argued that any changes in dealings with Iran will only strengthen the position of certain groups in Washington. Reuters reported the views of a former Iranian official: “If Trump adopts a hostile policy towards Iran or scraps the deal, hard-liners and particularly the IRGC will benefit from it.” 

The lobbies are responsible for portraying a particular kind of image of Iran in the West. This image includes the regime having people on the inside who are reformists and call for ‘moderate’ measures to be installed. Although the reality is quite different – anyone opposing the Iranian regime in Iran is at risk of prison and even execution – the lobbies use these ideas of ‘moderate’ reformists inside Iran as fuel for their arguments. They call on the U.S. and the West to continue the appeasement policies, to support this particular group of people in Iran, so that eventually a change is brought about on the inside.

However, the Iranian regime has proven time and again that they are not trustworthy in terms of carrying out their part of the deal. Any appeasement policies from Washington and the West have only served to embolden the regime of the mullahs to carry out further crimes. 

The largest political opposition force to Iran, The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have often ‘blown the whistle’ on Iran’s plans in relation to its nuclear program. The group enjoys support from the bipartisan in the U.S. Congress. 

Now, under Mr. Trump’s new administration, a firm stand must be taken against Iran, to put an end to its appeasement policies. Standing by its opposition group PMOI/MEK will help bring down the Iranian regime. In the long-term, this will bring peace and stability to the Middle East region.