Iran: “I was one of Those who Shot People… Who is Going to put us on Trial” says Iranian MP, Hassan Norouzi

Iranian MP, Hassan Norouzi
Iranian MP, Hassan Norouzi
“I was one of those who shot people. We killed them! Who is going to put us on trial?”says Iranian MP, Hassan Norouzi



Norouzi, deputy head of parliament’s Judiciary and Legal Commission, slammed the International People’s Tribunal in London, in an interview with the state-run Dideban website. The tribunal was convened to probe the Iranian regime’s “crimes against humanity” committed during the November 2019 Iranian protests.

“I was one of those who shot people. We killed them! Who is going to put us on trial?”

On November 13, Hassan Norouzi, an Iranian member of parliament, made terrible remarks concerning the death of peaceful demonstrators in November 2019.

The regime’s roots were threatened by the uprising in November 2019. During this time, over 1500 protesters were brutally murdered. “Do whatever it takes to end it,” Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader, told his military chiefs, according to Reuters. “You have my order!”

Iranians expressed their outrage and disgust at Norouzi’s remarks on social media shortly after they were made.

The state-run Jomhuri-e Eslami daily mocked Norouzi’s assertion that he had “joked” about killing people, calling his words “disgusting.”

“Dear Sir, even joking about murdering people is not amusing. It’s quite revolting. Muslims’ blood was spilled in such situations,” Jomhuri-e Eslami wrote on November 15.

On November 15, the Hamdeli daily reported, “Instead of seeking national unity, some officials have been rubbing salt in the nation’s wound [about November protests],” highlighting the growing public hostility toward the regime.

“The interview of a member of parliament was shocking. It hurt the families of the victims even more. Norouzi ’s remarks will bear consequences for the system and hurt the feelings of the victims’ families,” Hamdeli added. “The events of November 2019 are not a subject to be joked about, like the officials of the previous administration who joked about shooting the protestors in the legs as well as in the heads.”

Norouzi is well-known for his unwavering support for Khamenei and the regime. In recent years, he has made a number of divisive remarks. Norouzi described the deaths of arrested protesters as “suspicious” after the 2018 protests. He placed the blame on the victims, claiming that they died of grief or suicide.

“Perhaps they regretted their wrong actions and committed suicide,” Norouzi had speculated. He also stated flatly that Sina Ghanbari, one of the demonstrators who died in prison after being tortured, had committed suicide. Norouzi even went so far as to explain how Sina committed suicide.

Norouzi alleged that “the Ukrainian plane had been tampered with in Israel and was under the control of the United States” after the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) shot down the PS752 Ukrainian passenger airplane in January 2020. As a result, the force that launched the missile at the jet was doing its job.”

Norouzi had also justified the regime’s cruel punishments, which included limb amputation.

“The implementation of Sharia law and God’s will should make people happy,” he remarked. “They examine the person before carrying out these sentences to ensure that [amputating his fingers or hand] will not harm his body, and then they carry out the amputation.”

The regime’s poor human rights record and the viciousness of its personnel are unsurprising. Tehran has been killing and torturing its way to survival for 43 years, and the international community’s indifference has encouraged its leaders and assured them of their impunity.

Iran’s volatile society is thirsty for freedom, equality, and justice now more than ever. The government is more unstable than it has ever been, the military’s morale is at an all-time low, and the nation’s resolve is on display in the streets, loud and bold.




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