Iran Nationwide Uprising – Day 109

Setting ablaze Soleimani’s statue and poster;
Setting ablaze Soleimani’s statue and poster in every place in Iran.


At dawn on Monday, January 2, on the 109th day of the uprising, posters of Qassem Soleimani were set on fire in different parts of Tehran and other cities, including Ardabil, by rebellion youths. The ceremony of the 40th day of the martyrdom of “Shomal Khadiripur”, who was murdered in Mahabad protests, was held by a large number of people.

People chanted, “Death to the principle of Velayat-e Faqih”, “So many years of crimes; down with this regime,” and “Kurds and Baloch are brothers, they are arch-foe of the Leader (Khamenei).”

Residents of Dehgolan (western Iran) gathered to commemorate Reza Lotfi at his shrine and chanted “Death to Khamenei”. The people of Miandawab held the commemoration ceremony of Mehran Shekari with anti-government slogans.



Last night, rebellion youths in Tehran attacked a repressive Basij base with Molotov cocktails. They set fire to a large banner of Qassem Soleimani’s image on the Satari highway bridge, and in Tuysarkan, they set fire to and destroyed the statue of Qassem Soleimani by throwing Molotov cocktails. In Ilam, a regime’s banner was set on fire in Rahnavard Square, and in Anzali, an anti-popular Basij base was set on fire. Residents in Tehran, Isfahan, Semiram, and Garmdera Karaj chanted “Death to Khamenei” in their nightly protests.

On Sunday morning, marketers in Semirom went on strike in protest at the brutal suppression of the people of this city, and marketers in Dawlatabad, Kermanshah went on strike in solidarity with the people of Javanrud.



Today, the ceremony of the third day of Mehdi Zare Ashkezari’s martyrdom was held in his hometown Ashkezar, Yazd province. He, who was a resident of Tehran, was arrested in Tehran’s protests last month. The regime’s agents temporarily released him while he was on the verge of death due to brutal torture, but a few hours after his release, he went into a coma and died on Friday, December 30 after about 20 days of being in a coma. On December 31, while having bruises caused by severe torture and a broken nose, he was buried in Ashkezar Cemetery in Yazd.


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