Iran refuses to apply brakes on executions

The Iranian regime continues to commit gross violations of human rights despite repeated calls by rights groups and other countries for revision of policy. In Iran, people are subjected to medieval laws that proscribe death penalty and other cruel punishments for a wide range of crimes. 

Two men, were hanged to death in a southeastern city of Iran on Sunday. The two men had been in prison for four years prior to their execution. They had been sentenced to death for enmity with God.

Another six people were killed by the regime on the same day in the southern cities of Shiraz and Kerman. A group of four prisoners, who are yet to be identified, were hanged in Adelabad prison, in Shiraz. 

Some of these executions have been carried under drug-related offences and were carried out in secret. No information related to the execution has been published in the news media in the country, which may not be a coincident. 


The media in Iran is forced to operate under serious limitations and threats from the regime, which hardly ever shies away from exercising unwarranted censorship.

Journalists remain vulnerable to accusations and subsequent punishment on trumped up charges of treachery and blasphemy. Most exercise self-censorship to avoid harsh sentences. 

Hassan Rouhani, who is presented by some in the West as a moderate has failed to act against the menace. Since his rise becoming president in July 2013, no less than 1,200 have been executed.