Iran regime’s FM not welcome in France and Holland – NCRI

Members of the Iranian Resistance have condemned the Iranian Foreign Minister’s visit to Paris and The Hague. They state that Mohammad Javad Zarif is an instrument of the regime, which destroys human rights, democracy and peace in the country and the Middle East.

The horrors of the regime have only increased since the nuclear deal was signed last year.

Iran continues to

• do nuclear tests in violation of the U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231

• oppress ethnic and religious minorities like the Sunnis, Arabs, Baluchis, and Kurds.

• support the Bashar-al Assad regime in the Syrian civil war

• torture and execute its own citizens

• restrict freedom of expression

On June 19, The regime’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei addressed the recent protests of the regime by university students and proclaimed that anyone challenging the regime should be barred from the universities.

He said: “The universities have turned into platforms for divergence from the meanings and values of the revolution… anyone who challenges the establishment under any pretext such as elections is an uncertain individual and has no qualification to appear in the universities.”

In May, Zarif praised a senior Hezbollah commander who died in Damascus. He said that Mustafa Badreddin, a member of the Lebanese terrorist organisation, was a “great and tireless man…full of love, sensation and epic in defending the rightful causes of Islam.”

This shows that Zarif is intrinsically tied to the regime’s fundamental functions

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said: “[Zarif] must be held accountable for the regime’s actions in the field of human rights, terrorism and sending thousands of armed forces to Syria.

They pleaded with foreign governments to condition relations with Iran on the improvement of human rights within the country.

The NCRI said: “Investing in relations with the mullahs is tantamount to beating a dead horse.”