Iran: Violations of Nuclear Deal Put It at Risk

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Hassan Rouhani, the regime's president, challenged Western opponents on Wednesday, saying that Iran "can do anything in the peaceful path," including enriching uranium to 90% purity.

In an article from Fox News on November 10, Iran’s violations of the nuclear deal it signed with six world powers, that lifted sanctions, and endeavored to limit Iran’s nuclear capabilities is addressed.  

When Iran exceeded its limit on its heavy water stockpile, it violated one of the terms of the nuclear deal, United Nations monitors reported on Wednesday, November 9.  They say this violation occurred on the same that Iran demanded the U.S. stick to the deal.

The Associated Press gained access to a confidential report by the U.N.’s atomic watchdog, which came out shortly after Iran issued its warning to the U.S. following the election of Donald Trump. The president-elect, during his campaign called the Iran agreement “the worst deal ever negotiated.” 

The nuclear deal limits heavy water to143.3 tons. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s report found that Iran’s stockpile exceeded that by 0.10 metric tons. This was the second time Iran exceeded their limit, according to investigators. 

Heavy water is used in reactors that produce substantial amounts of plutonium, a potential path to nuclear weapons. 

The report said that Tehran plans to export 5.5 tons to an unspecified country, bringing it back under the limit.  At this time, it’s not known which nation will receive that shipment. 

The State Department has acknowledged that under the presidency of Trump, the U.S. could scrap the deal. However, a move like that may cause resentment with European nations who signed on and have already started doing business with the Islamic Republic, USA Today notes.

The IAEA says that the first time Iran overstepped the limit was in February.

Fars news agency, affiliated with the Iranian regime, reported that the chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces criticized Trump for the president-elect’s harsh words about confronting Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf. Iran’s armed forces Chief of Staff, General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said, “The person who has recently achieved power, has talked off the top of his head! Threatening Iran in the Persian Gulf is just a joke.”  

Fox News reports that Bagheri said that “American presidential candidates during their campaigns ‘eat too much sugar’,” which is a Farsi proverb referring to people who talk nonsense. 

Last September, Trump declared that Iranian ships who provoke the U.S. “will be shot out of the water.”

Last January, 10 American sailors were taken prisoner after their ship veered off course into Iranian waters. They were released one day later.