Iranian Official Warns of Social Unrest and Admits the Regime’s Mismanagement

Today, Iran regime's officials can no longer deny the public’s uproar against more than four decades of relentless suppression, systematic corruption, and hypocritical policies.
Today, the Iran regime’s officials can no longer deny the public’s uproar against more than four decades of relentless suppression, systematic corruption, and hypocritical policies.

Hossein Marashi, the Secretary-General of Executives of the Construction Party and a former MP from Kerman province, acknowledged the Iranian people’s growing hatred and fury against the Iranian regime in an interview with the ILNA news agency on May 2.” I told Mr. President [Ebrahim Raisi], ‘Your success is our wish…'” he said.

In the past, we were your rivals, and we will remain your rivals in the future. However, we wish you success because neither you nor your ‘conservative’ movement is our rivals. The disappointment and frustration of the Iranian people is our adversary.”

Officials in the regime can no longer deny the public’s outrage over more than four decades of repression, systematic corruption, and hypocritical policies. Indeed, the Iranian people have been fighting for fundamental freedoms, basic rights, and a decent life for 43 years, during which time they have always been met with ruthless repression of their cries and pursuit of their legitimate desires.

The country’s dire economic situation, according to Marashi, has prompted citizens to protest and engage in anti-establishment activities. “We suggested to the president that he consider two issues to improve people’s living conditions, including inflation control and reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),” he said.

“The government’s most important challenge,” he continued, “is the control of inflation, which Raisi declared had reached 40%.”

Marashi stated that he only had four minutes with Raisi, so he focused on his main concerns, emphasizing “the people’s disappointment and frustration!” In recent years, regime officials have frequently blamed people’s protests on disappointment, despite the fact that the people have clearly expressed their desire to end tyranny.” Prison is not a place for teachers; Iran is not a place for tyrants,” teachers chanted outside the education department in Shiraz, the capital of the southcentral province of Fars, on May 1.

Marashi downplayed the Iranian people’s desire for fundamental political, social, and economic changes outside of the current ruling system in his interview. People’s protests and uprisings were met with “disappointment and frustration,” he said, while the regime’s response to the people’s legitimate demands was “only” suppression, detention, torture, and execution.


During their brief meeting, Marashi also warned Raisi about the country’s dire economic situation. His warnings appear to have gone unanswered, prompting him to express himself publicly.

Observers believe Marashi brought up these details to raise alarm. “He knows Raisi cannot realize his means due to his lack of academic education,” they said. These warnings are in response to the country’s soaring prices and rampant inflation, and the regime’s loyalists are legitimately concerned about impending protests.”

Marashi also mocked Raisi’s irrational orders and oppressive measures to deal with the economic crisis. “If you don’t control inflation, you can’t manage prices by imposing harsh punishments, ordering economic experts, or dispatching inspectors to markets,” he said.

According to recent reports, Raisi’s economic team has been reduced to Mohsen Rezaei, Vice President for Financial Affairs, and Seyyed Sowlat Mortazavi, Vice President for Executive Affairs. However, these attempts to control the country’s economy have not alleviated people’s financial difficulties.

Instead, the country’s financial problems have been exaggerated, and people are still facing ‘essential’ price increases. People in various provinces, for example, have seen the price of bread skyrocket.

Several citizens have recently posted videos on social media highlighting how expensive certain items, such as cooking oil bottles, are while criticizing Khamenei and other senior officials for their financial mismanagement. These videos, however, do not tell the entire story, and they are only the first breezes of a socio-political hurricane.


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