Iranian students continue widespread protests despite heavy crackdown

"Now is not the time for sorrow; it is the time for rage," university students in Tehran declared on Monday.
“Now is not the time for sorrow; it is the time for rage,” university students in Tehran declared on Monday.


On the 46th day of the Iranian Revolution, during which the regime has so far killed over 450 Iranians, they shouted these calls as security forces attacked them and other university students who persisted in their protests. These significant Iranian protests, which many believe have turned into a revolution, have some distinctive slogans that express the will and demands of the Iranian people.


In addition, demonstrations by university students continued the day after Hossein Salami, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), tried to intimidate people.  “Today is the last day of protests,” he said at a state-sponsored rally in Shiraz.

Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), and its influence on Iranian society were other topics Salami brought up. “Dear university students, listen, we cannot tolerate actions beyond [the regime’s] framework. Do you want to rule alongside the criminal hypocrites [MEK] who betrayed this country? He blatantly declared, “Open your eyes, and join the [regime].”



In response to Salami’s threats, numerous students were detained in multiple universities, and thugs from the regime attacked unarmed students while posing as professors or fellow students. Despite its violent efforts, Iran’s governing theocracy was unable to quiet the restless society, and demonstrations spread throughout the country.

The regime and its defenders have also attempted to convince people that there is no effective alternative to the current theocratic system of government and that instead, they should return to the past and accept the monarchy dictatorship or the current clerical system.

Aside from many other factors that refute this bogus claim, such as the MEK’s Resistance Units’ leading role in the current uprising, which has been confirmed by regime officials, Iranian university students have consistently rejected any form of dictatorship by chanting “Down with the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Supreme Leader.”

Briefly put, the Iranians’ bravery exposed the regime’s vulnerability in repressing the brewing revolution, and as Iranians have been chanting all over the nation, “Whenever someone falls, thousands will rise up.”


On October 27, IRGC Brigadier General Ismail Kothari, acting as one of the regime’s MPs, told state TV, “we told some of these arrestees that we want to hand you over to your parents. They said we don’t want your amnesty. Seek one for yourself, as you won’t be in power for long.”   The world community is in awe of the Iranian people’s persistent demonstrations and their resolve to establish a free and democratic nation. Many Western democracies have praised their bravery.

However, these vocal supporters would not stop the regime’s brutality.  Recognizing Iranians’ right to self-defense is the only way to effectively help them and put an end to the current crisis of impunity in their country. Condemnations and expressions of solidarity are important, but they must be accompanied by firm and concrete action on the part of the Western government, particularly an end to the regime’s culture of impunity.


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