Iranian teachers protest poor living conditions amidst regime’s economic policies

Iranian teachers take to the streets once again to protest their poor living conditions as a result of the regime’s destructive economic policies.
Iranian teachers take to the streets once again to protest their poor living conditions as a result of the regime’s destructive economic policies


This time, teachers from different cities across Iran gathered outside the local Education Departments to voice their concerns. Reports indicate that teachers in Tehran and Alborz provinces, among others, were prevented from holding their gatherings by regime agents.


The teachers’ protest is part of a larger movement in Iran where people from various sectors of society are voicing their anger over high inflation, skyrocketing prices of basic goods and services, unemployment, corruption, and the regime’s unjust policies. The protests have expanded to at least 282 cities, and according to sources of Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), over 750 people have been killed and more than 30,000 are arrested by the regime’s forces.



The protesters are specifically holding the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei responsible for their miseries, while also condemning the oppressive Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and paramilitary Basij units, alongside other security units that are on the ground suppressing the peaceful demonstrators. The names of 675 killed protesters have been published by the MEK.

Reports indicate that regime officials disrupted internet connections in Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan & Baluchistan, to prevent any reporting and/or posting of today’s protests, including footage.



Netblocks, the UK-based internet observatory organization tracking network disruptions and shutdowns across the globe have confirmed the report and said, “Real-time network data show a significant disruption to internet connectivity in Zahedan, Iran; the incident continues the weekly pattern of regional internet shutdowns targeting anti-government protests during Friday prayers.”

In the city of Galikesh in Golestan Province in northeast Iran, the local Baluchi community launched a march protesting the regime’s crackdown against Sunni clerics and demanding their release from prison. Meanwhile, the MEK Resistance Units portrayed a large image of Iranian opposition coalition NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi in the city of Dehdasht of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Province in southwest Iran at 9:15 pm on Thursday night.



The locals in various districts of Tehran, including Shahrak-e Bagheri, began chanting anti-regime slogans on Thursday night, vowing to stand to the end and expressing their frustration with the mullahs’ regime. The protests continue to spread throughout the country as people demand change and an end to the oppressive regime’s policies.





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