Iranians are battling the regime’s brutal crackdown side by side

Protests are spreading across Iran and the PMOI/MEK Resistance Units are playing a vital role.
Protests are spreading across Iran and the PMOI/MEK Resistance Units are playing a vital role.


Since the beginning of Iran’s nationwide uprising, each report prepared by the network of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has emphasized the Iranian people’s bravery. The MEK’s Resistance Units, founded in 2013, are a highly organized underground network of men and women who have played a leading role in Iran’s major protests since 2017.


They serve as forerunners in the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy. Their role in organizing protests and their unwavering activities could be described as a sledgehammer breaking the atmosphere crackdown imposed by the ruling theocracy.

Regime officials have repeatedly expressed their fear of the MEK and its network of Resistance Units, as well as the growing trend of youth joining them. Ismail Khatib, the regime’s Minister of Intelligence, acknowledged that the current uprising is “organized” in an interview with the Supreme Leader’s website on November 9.



“Unlike previous scattered protests, the recent riots had a complicated plot.” Small groups would spark these protests with timely and audacious actions. They were well-organized and led. Interestingly, once the demonstration began, these first units immediately left the scene and went to start another riot in another location,” he said.

The following are just a few of the thousands of reports filed by courageous Resistance Units about their activities during what many regards as a democratic revolution in the making.




“Bukan’s brave citizens captured the city’s downtown tonight. I am a member of the network of Resistance Units. I’m reporting live from the scene. People are rejoicing in their victory. I issue a warning to the regime’s security forces to leave the city. Stop your crimes or you will feel the wrath of the people—all hail the Iranian Resistance.”


“I was standing in the middle of the street. ‘We are a group trying to chant slogans against the regime,’ a high school girl approached me. ‘Could you please accompany us?’ I accompanied her, and we soon began chanting anti-regime slogans like “death to the dictator.” They displayed bravery.”


“We were a group in Sattar Khan street. We clashed with 20 plainclothes agents and forced them to flee. I was wounded, but that is not important. What is important is our victory.”

“As soon as we gathered in Tehranpars, we began chanting anti-regime slogans. It was approximately 8:00 PM. We chanted slogans like ‘Down with Khamenei’ and ‘Khamenei, you murderer, we will overthrow you”

 Aran Bidgol country

“We formed a group with some other rebellious young people and planned to attack the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). We went to a parking lot where they had parked their cars. We slashed their tires, preventing them from driving and deploying oppressive forces.”


“We engaged in hit-and-run tactics with security forces in several districts. We were unarmed, while they were heavily armed. Security forces attack anyone with a backpack. They brutally beat a 15-year-old boy solely because he was carrying a backpack.”


“We went to one of our friend’s tombs. His aunt said: “I will neither forgive nor forget those who killed our loved ones.” We also chanted anti-regime slogans, and a large crowd joined us. They were all telling us that soon this regime would fall. No one is afraid of the mullahs anymore.”




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